Schiavi sorry for "food for rats" outburst

Boca Juniors captain Rolando Schiavi has apologised for a Twitter outburst in which he complained that the team had been served "food fit for rats" in a Venezuelan hotel.

His apology came as Argentina's most popular club arrived home two days late and at the wrong airport following a pre-season tour to Colombia and Venezuela.

"I apologise for my over-the-top and irresponsible words which were made in the heat of the moment, when I was tired," said Schiavi in a new tweet. "I regret what I wrote so I have deleted it."

Boca were supposed to leave the Venezuelan city of Puerto La Cruz on Monday night along with fellow Argentine club All Boys, but a mix-up over their chartered flight meant they only departed on Wednesday.

They were left wondering whether they would even get home in time for their opening Argentine championship match against Quilmes on Saturday.

At one point, Schiavi tweeted: "They've taken us to a fourth-rate hotel, with lots of damp, dirty sheets and food fit for rats."

Argentine media said the flight finally left on Wednesday only to be diverted to Cordoba when it reached Argentina due to fog at Buenos Aires.

It was due to fly to Buenos Aires later on Thursday.