Snowfall may force deadline extension

The Premier League is discussing the possibility of extending the 'January' transfer window further, beyond Monday's 5pm deadline, due to the adverse weather conditions sweeping the UK. With much of the country, particularly the South East and London, blanketed in snow, last-minute transfer deals are being made even more problematic with players attempting to travel to prospective new clubs hoping to complete medicals and sign contracts. But Mike Foster, general secretary of the Premier League, told Sky Sports that they are considering extending the deadline.

"It (the weather) is already having an effect in terms of making it difficult for players to get from one end of the country to the other," he said.

"Even short journeys are difficult, especially in the South East. I know that because clubs have informed us of the problems they are encountering trying to get deals concluded.

"We are currently trying to gauge the level of activity, how many transactions are in the pipeline. It would be nice if would could simply extend the deadline by 24 or 48 hours, but it's not a decision we can take alone.

"We need to liaise with the FA, who in turn need to liaise with FIFA. Those conversations have taken place and we are currently exploring the possibility.

The 'January' transfer window has already been extended once, with the deadline stretched until 5pm on February 2 due to the end of January falling over a weekend.