South Africa squad duped into making advert

JOHANNESBURG - South Africa's soccer team turned up for a training session on Wednesday only to find they had been lined up to act in a television advert no one had told them about, the South African Press Association reported. The 2010 World Cup hosts, preparing for friendly international against Norway on Saturday, were scheduled six months ago to make an advert for their sponsors but neither the coach nor his team had been told by officials. South Africa's Brazil coach Joel Santana, now a 10-month veteran of vagaries of football administration in Africa, had to be coaxed into agreeing to abandon his planned session and instead allow his players to be turned into temporary actors. "We will not use this situation as an excuse if we lose to Norway," assistant coach Jairo Leal said. South Africa play Norway in Rustenburg on Saturday before heading to Switzerland for a match against Portugal in Lausanne on Tuesday.