Sudan re-runs FA election

KHARTOUM - Sudan re-ran its Football Association elections on Saturday hoping to evade a ban on international football threatened by FIFA after the government interfered with the previous vote.

FIFA strictly rejects any government intervention in national football affairs and said Khartoum had prevented some candidates from standing in the first FA presidential vote as well as imposing "prohibitive" fees on nominees.

Despite the re-run, Saturday's result remained unchanged but now satisfy FIFA requirements.

"This assembly has met FIFA's requirements," said Taha Ismail, one of the FIFA representatives monitoring the vote, appearing to approve the election.

Incumbent President Kamal Shaddad, barred from re-election by Khartoum in the previous vote on July 26, withdrew his nomination and did not attend the vote.

The same two candidates stood as in the previous vote, with Shaddad's deputy Mutasim Jaafar won.

FIFA's headquarters in Switzerland were not immediately available to comment on whether they will be satisfied with the vote and allow Sudan to play its first African Nations Cup qualifier on September 4 against Congo.

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