Tevez brother jailed for 16 years

The older brother of Manchester City striker Carlos Tevez, Juan Alberto Martinez, has been sentenced to 16 years in prison for masterminding an armed robbery in his native Argentina in 2008.

Tevez's brother-in-law, Carlos Veron, and two others were also sent down for their part in the raid in Cordoba, in which fake police uniforms were worn to target a bank security van.

The four masked men with guns attacked the security van at a service station. They threatened the guards and ran off with their weapons and cash boxes.

One member of the gang fired three shots at the driver, who went for his gun as they fled, police said.

The robbers then shot at police during a high-speed chase, but they later found the stolen boxes were empty.

Tevez has not spoken to his brother after he learned that his sibling had tried to pin the heist on him, informing police that Tevez was using a mobile phone linked to the incident.

He also claimed that he had been at Tevez's house at the time of the unsuccessful robbery.

Martinez was arrested in Fort Apache, the tough area of Argentinian capital Buenos Aires where Tevez – his half-brother – grew up.

The former West Ham and Manchester United star declined to comment on the outcome of the trial.

By Saad Noor

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