UEFA in talks to curb spending sprees

Europe’s cash-rich clubs may face disciplinary action if they spend too much money, according to new plans proposed by UEFA. Clubs competing in both the Champions League and Europa League may be part of a ‘financial control panel’ that will regulate spending.  Those that don’t spend lavishly and ‘live within their means’ will be rewarded. The plans, outlined in UEFA’s ‘Uefadirect’ publication, state: “The aim is for all clubs to be able to live on the income they generate. “A series of incentives and disciplinary action will be examined at the next executive committee meeting.” Disciplinary procedures have not yet been defined, but it is suggested clubs that break the rules could be barred from UEFA competitions. “The key principle on the road towards a fairer and more transparent game is that football should reward those clubs living within their means. This means that clubs shall need to reduce their spending," it adds. “To be viable, salaries and transfers should be proportionate to the generated income. Clubs should invest in their youth sectors, and use their homegrown talent to reinforce their squads.” UEFA president Michel Platini will put forward the plans to the Professional Football Strategy Council.