Ukraine refuse to accept Markevich resignation

KIEV - The Ukrainian FA has refused to accept the resignation of national coach Myron Markevich who quit in protest on Saturday after his club Metalist Kharkiv were punished for matchfixing.

The FA said on its official website the organisation would not accept his decision to stand down.

On Tuesday, the FA ruled a 2008 match between Metalist and Karpaty Lviv had been fixed and punished a number of officials and players. Markevich, however, was not implicated.

"Ukraine's Football Federation (FA) has completely discredited itself with the recent ruling and I have no moral right to work for an organisation that is purposefully destroying Kharkiv football," said Markevich earlier on Saturday.

The 59-year-old, who has led the national team since February, said he would stay on as Metalist coach.

Ukraine are co-hosting Euro 2012 with Poland.

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