Van der Sar hints at retirement

Edwin van der Sar has hinted that the end of the season may also be the end of his career. “I’ve said for a few years that it sometimes may be my last season,” the 39-year-old has revealed.

“Six months before my contract with Manchester United ended in December 2006, we extended for one year and so far it has been the same every time.

“I wait each season to see how or where I stand, if everyone is happy and if I can get motivated.

The veteran, who has enjoyed an illustrious two-decade career also playing for Holland, Ajax, Juventus and Fulham, has been sidelined with a hand injury recently, and at 39 realises that the time to call it a day is growing ever closer.

“I know, because I always get older, it is increasingly likely that this will be my last season.

However, he insists that his body isn’t going into decline just yet.

“On the one hand I do not oversleep, I feel as good as a few years ago.”