Vieira: Wenger my "most important" manager

LONDON - Patrick Vieira has praised his former Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger as the "most important manager" in his career - but admitted that he has real admiration for Manchester United rival Sir Alex Ferguson. "The most important manager for me during my career has been Arsene Wenger, because I spent nine years with him and he made me develop as a player. I would say he's the one who made me improve the most as a football player, " said Vieira, speaking on a video released by Ford’s Feel Football programme and available in's video interview section. "I really don't know all the other managers but I think Alex Ferguson, for what he did for Manchester United, has to be in the top three. He won with Manchester and [because of] where Manchester was and where Manchester is now I think he has to be in the top three." Stefan Effenberg, who is also on the Feel Football programme, added: "Ferguson and Arsene Wenger [are top] because they have been coaching the team for over ten years now. Maybe for me I also have to say Uli Hoeness from Bayern Munich he's there for a long, long time. "He quit playing football when he was 27 or 28 because of problems with the knee and he got into the job as a manager and he has been doing it for I think more than 30 years or something and he built a great, great team. So he's for me also in this top three." Ford's Feel Football programme engages fans in debate with Champions like Jose Mourinho, Anders Frisk, Patrick Vieira and Ruud Gullit at live events around Europe. Watch the video (and others)