You’re not singing anymore: Oldham stop the music

Joe Royle may be back as manager but Boundary Park is set to get a lot quieter on matchdays. This is not due to their dismal recent run, but because the club are being forced to stop playing songs as the teams come out and when they score. The Performing Rights Society, which collects money on behalf of musicians, wanted to charge the club £3,900 – a 600% rise – for playing Lieutenant Pigeon’s Mouldy Old Dough when the teams run out and The Guns of Navarone by the Specials when (or if) a goal is scored. "If we put our ticket prices up 600% we'd be getting 50 people every week," spluttered club spokesman Stuart Vose. "It's not just us, it's every club." “The PRS classify entrance music and goal celebration music differently to general background music,” explains Latics’ chief executive Alan Hardy. “If we just pay for that, the figure will be £700 per year which we are happy to pay.” The club has refused to pay the bill but is paying its usual fee to use background music in the stadium.