7 June 2012
"If you want personal glory, you should play tennis or golf"
7 June 2012
"I wouldn't like Szczesny to be the biggest star of our team. Let the goalkeepers remain in the shadows!"
1 June 2012
"I want to continue to win trophies"
1 June 2012
"The goal and the title was for them. They suffered with us all season. It was such a joyous moment"
3 April 2012
"I hope I will have the chance in my career to play some Premier League matches because for me, today, it is the best championship in the world"
12 March 2012
"I stopped writing because my missus dropped some coffee on the computer and I lost 80 pages!"
27 January 2012
"I found the winters hard when I left Africa. It was so cold! People kept saying, "Don't worry – just put on another jumper"
25 January 2012
"When we play against the Ivory Coast it always feels like a derby match. The supporters want us to avoid defeat at all cost"
24 January 2012
"Demba Ba is outstanding – we're proud of what he is doing in England"
24 January 2012
"If I hadn’t been a footballer I would have been a singer. My parents thought I was going to be a musician..."


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