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"Our tactics for that opening match were simply to shut out Maradona..."
3 June 2014
"I told Santana he was trying to fit a square peg in a round hole – and that he should pick me"
3 June 2014
"If only I could have scored three against Denmark and saved the other one for Belgium..."
"The pitches were crappy, there were tiny crowds and it was 40-degree heat..."
"I didn’t like missing penalties, of course, but it was good in one way because it showed everyone I was only human..."
2 June 2014
Shakhtar's 21-year-old mini-marvel on Dinho, the World Cup and going to London...
"There's a need for people who instigate thinking, who don't accept the status quo. I wish more people had that attitude"
"I was given the No.16 shirt to throw reporters off the scent"
27 May 2014
James Eastham catches up with Montpellier midfielder Remy Cabella to discuss winning the league, those Newcastle rumours and why he's used to dealing with eccentric chairmen...
16 May 2014
Speaking in the official programme for Saturday's FA Cup Final at Wembley, Arsenal's Spanish midfielder says the Gunners have earned the right to play for the sacred trophy...


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