10 September 2006
"Who was I most like as a player? Ronaldinho, only without the skill"
"Where I was brought up, there wasn’t really much of a Morris dancing scene"
1 January 2006
"I love to sing in my spare time, but I leave the rapping to Nigel Reo-Coker..."
1 January 2006
"Zidane. I bet he’s crap at telling jokes.”
1 January 2004
"Of course I don't remember it, you bitch. Ha ha!"
1 September 2003
"I'm f***ing chasing round the garden for four hours. I don't want to pick up a seagull – f*** that. It might peck me or do any f***ing thing."
1 September 2003
"I'm Superman, man. I don't give away my weaknesses"
1 August 2003
"If Glenn Hoddle had been French, Spanish or Italian he would have been held in higher regard"
1 December 2002
"I hold the ball up like Heskey, but I’d like to score a few more goals than him..."
1 November 2002
"Players like Junichi Inamoto and Edu were picked ahead of me no matter how they played, so when Spurs came in for me I jumped at the chance"


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