22 March 2018
As a Welsh powerhouse becomes his country's all-time leading scorer with a hat-trick, let’s test your knowledge of current international top scorers
23 February 2018
Shelbourne's new shirt features Dezu's first name under the crest in a poignant tribute to the teenager.
Sol Campbell, Argentina 1998
23 January 2018
From the yellow card of God to straight red cards, Amit Katwala on how World Cup history would be different if VAR had been available in the past
23 January 2018
What is it? Who's in it? And why it could mean the Faroe Islands at Euro 2020: Huw Davies explains the UEFA Nations League before Wednesday's official draw. Do keep up...
3 January 2018
A return home proved to be profitable for O'Connor, whose uncle's present led to him winning one million euros.
20 November 2017
Between them, England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Republic have had 31 managers. How many can you remember? 
Christian Eriksen
15 November 2017
The Tottenham midfielder kicked off his hat-trick in Dublin with a fine effort from the edge of the box
Adriano Brazil
16 October 2017
No, we're not talking about Romelu Lukaku at Anfield on Saturday. Jon Spurling recalls some of football's *actual* disappearing acts


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