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Reynald Pedros
25 March 2017
Twenty-one years ago, the attacking midfielder was a rising star in the French Euro 96 squad whose name was spoken in the same breath as Zinedine Zidane. One missed penalty later, and his life in football took a very different turn
Middlesbrough 1996/97
31 January 2017
Middlesbrough’s Premier League return came on the anniversary of their most memorable campaign, featuring stellar names, two cup finals and, 20 years ago, a very costly cancellation
Graham Taylor, England manager
14 January 2017
When Taylor granted TV cameras full access to his England camp in 1993, little could he have predicted the furore that followed. FFT went behind the scenes of the film that hung the beleaguered boss out to dry with his ‘Taylorisms’ – and ruined the career of his right-hand man   
Pablo Escobar, Narcos
15 November 2016
Pablo Escobar may be one of history’s most infamous criminals, but he also had a soft spot for football. Here's the story of how his passion – and money – changed the face of Colombia's game
20 October 2016
Before the digital age, fans needed a land line and deep pockets to hear player and manager interviews, live commentary and transfer gossip – and occasionally got a foul-mouthed bonus...
20 September 2016
These days an English club hiring a manager from overseas is par for the course, but it wasn’t always thus. When Doug Ellis’s Villa made Dr Jozef Venglos the top flight’s first foreign gaffer in 1990, nobody knew quite what to make of him – including his baffled squad
17 August 2016
Joao Havelange’s unseating of Sir Stanley Rous as FIFA President in 1974 precipitated a period of politics, pound signs and power struggles
30 June 2016
When Sven-Goran Eriksson took over as England’s first foreign manager in February 2001, he faced a staggering 'welcome' from high-level officials and gutter-level tabloids. Steve Anglesey explains why, and what happened next 
11 May 2016
Liverpool's achievements in 1986 were special for various reasons – not only did they beat their local rivals to both prizes, but recovered from a serious points deficit too. Sam Drury takes you through the ride...
24 March 2016
English football's domestic cup competitions are often considered second rate by some, but there's a reason nobody gets misty-eyed about the Zenith Data Systems Cup. 


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