Samsung's Game-Changing TV

In the ten years since it first started manufacturing TVs, Samsung has become the undisputed champion in TV sales. Like the best football teams, theirs is a journey characterised by constant milestones and innovation, culminating in this year's ground breaking KS9000 SUHD curved TV launched just in time for this year's major football event - the European Championships taking place in France across June and July.

Major football tournaments like the Euros may only come round once every four years but Samsung looks to drop a TV every year that will give you the ultimate football viewing experience, and this year is no different. Last year’s JS9000 was tough to beat, but with the KS9000, Samsung has refined a winning design and improved it on so many levels.

Aesthetically, it is as beautifully curved as a great free kick, and it sports a clean, uncluttered design. The same could be said for the Smart Hub user interface; this is a TV that seeks to please the eye in all ways. But more importantly, there has been a significant improvement in the area that matters most to football fans: the display.

The KS9000 features the latest and best of Samsung’s display technology, and more importantly, it’s an improvement you can instantly see. It meets the stringent requirements set by the good people at the UHD Alliance, and is UHD Premium certified.

Wait, why is that important? Well, the next frontier of TV tech is all about dynamic range and the ability to see colours more vividly and accurately. This is the next big step towards a more life-like visual experience, and one that will transform your enjoyment of football on your TV.

So if you’re a bit of a TV buff and a lot of a football fan it’s almost certainly time to upgrade your football viewing experience, so step right up and check out Samsung’s biggest leap in TV tech.


Some time back, Samsung shifted their focus from developing OLED to Quantum Dot, and now we know why. Quantum Dot is a nano-level tech that enables the display panel to produce a higher peak brightness compared to conventional LCDs. This is why the KS9000 is capable of such an impressive high dynamic range. The nano-sized, light-emitting particle also improves colour gamut as well as accuracy. This combination of factors creates images on-screen that look more vivid and lifelike, and all without the risk of burn-in that you may have with OLED panels. So expect the pitches to look greener and your favourite players to look sharper even when they’re moving at full speed.


The label of Smart TV is a misnomer if the process of using it isn’t inspiringly simple. The Tizen-based Smart Hub interface is nippy and responsive, but the KS9000’s smartest feature lies in the humble remote control – say goodbye to multiple remotes, because the idea behind its implementation is as simple as it is clever. The KS9000 detects and identifies devices like blu-ray players and gaming consoles connected to it with the Auto Detection feature, and the clever One Remote will take control of all of them.


The ultimate show of obsession is doing things despite the fact that people may not even see it. This is true of Samsung’s 360° Design – there are no visible screws in plain sight, as though you are meant to view the back of the TV as much as the front. And the view is breathtaking: the sleek, flowing design is complemented perfectly by a super thin, curved profile and an almost borderless screen. Be warned, the TV itself will be fighting with what’s onscreen for your attention.

Samsung SUHD TV with Quantum Dot Display offers the best soccer viewing experience

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