10 reasons to get excited about S.League 2016

It’s S.League season again, so throw those Premier League scarves and jerseys back in the cupboard and prep yourselves for some good ol’ local football. Here FourFourTwo presents 10 compelling reasons why you should do just that: 

1. Jermaine Pennant

It’s been said many times before and we’ll say it again – Jermaine Pennant is probably the best reason to follow the S.League this season. In fact, he’s most likely the best thing to happen to the S-League like … well … ever.

Sure, Pennant didn’t consistently set the Premier League alight, but that was more down to a lack of discipline rather than ability. He is the prototypical foreigner every S-League club should be hiring.

Now that the foreign quota has been cut to three, surely it frees up some dough for pedigree players that are seeking their last ride into the retirement sunset?

We shouldn’t have unrealistic expectations and Pennant should be given time to settle, but the Tampines Rovers players will benefit immensely training with a player that will raise the bar and hopefully pass on his pearls of wisdom.

High-profile foreigners have struggled to stay beyond a season in Southeast Asian football so let’s make the most of Pennant and enjoy him while we can.