14 Things We Love About the World Cup: World Cup Songs

With 14 days to go until the 2014 World Cup kicks off in Brazil, FourFourTwo counts down 14 reasons why we love the World Cup so much.

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11. World Cup Songs

The World Cup is all about celebrating football, and while we took a look at some of the more enthusiastic goal celebrations yesterday, it's now time to move on to the stands.

World Cup songs have been loved and panned in equal measure throughout the years. There have been plenty of them, mind you.

Most of them god-awful but one that was certainly passable was England’s effort in 1990 which was produced in conjunction with cool cats New Order and even featured John Barnes on the rapping duties. This song also marked the official evolution of the word England to the extended, three syllabled En-ger-land.

And then there are some that just defy explanation and logic. From the FourFourTwo “What The F*ck Were They Thinking” file, ladies and gentlemen I give you Peter Alexander and the German Football Team with their 1986 effort Mi Amor...

The list so far...

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