AFF Suzuki Cup 2018: Footballers and their celebrity lookalikes

Elite footballers usually enjoy a high degree of recognition and familiarity, especially in their respective home countries or regions where they play for. Such are the levels of exposure they get that sometimes fans get to compare their similarities with other celebrities. It’s no different in the AFF Suzuki Cup 2018 edition.

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Here are TOP AFF Suzuki Cup footballers and their respective celebrity lookalikes:

Aee Soe (Myanmar) and Neymar Jr. (PSG and Brazil football star)

We kick things off with two footballers. Many are pointing out the resemblance of Aee Soe of Myanmar and world renowned football superstar Neymar in terms of physical likeness.

The similarities are there even in the way they play that FOX Sports Asia produced a video on it!

Nguyen Cuong Phong (Vietnam) and Kong Huayrai (Thai singer)

AFF Suzuki Cup 2018 doppelganger 1

At first glance the Vietnamese forward and the Thai singer definitely share some similar features and could be considered as a passable lookalike.

But that’s where the similarity ends as Kong Huayrai is a singer while Nguyen Cuong Phong is one of the newest footballing sensations for his country with two standout attributes that worry the opposition: creating chances and scoring goals.