BBC vs ITV: The Battle of the World Cup Theme Tunes

Musos used to say the devil has the best tunes. But does the devil work for the BBC or ITV? FourFourTwo's James Maw compares the British television theme tunes to the last eight tournaments to determine which network is best (at coming up with theme tunes). Wistful sighs and shameful cringing aplenty...

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1986: Mexico

The BBC's 1986 effort was a corker which conjured images of some unappreciated-in-its-time 80s cop show starring Dirk Benedict as a straight-laced border patrol officer, and Eddie Murphy as his wise-cracking assistant. No? Just us?

Yet, if there's a sign of quality as far as theme tunes are concerned, it's that tune being adopted by Saint and Greavsie. This was an honour bestowed upon ITV's 1986 theme Aztec Gold, performed by Silsoe. It's certainly a piece that evokes memories of the era, but only because the slightly cheap-sounding electronicness isn't something you'll have heard much of since about 1991.