The Boy's a Bit Special: Ignatius Ang

Name: Ignatius Ang Yu Heng

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Place of Birth: Singapore

Date of Birth: 11 November 1992

Nickname: Iggy. I think anyone who's named Ignatius automatically gets the nickname Iggy? Maybe people should start calling me Iggs!

"Keep working hard, you will be a national player one day" - Patrick Mancha, a Nigerian coach told me that when I was in Secondary 1.

As a boy I supported: Manchester United. I do not know why but Man U is the only team I have watched since young. 

Position(s): Left Winger, Striker

Teams played for: Balestier Khalsa Football Club, NFA U16-NFA U18, Courts Young Lions, Hougang United, Courts Young Lions

Strengths: I like to think I'm skilful, I take on defenders and have an eye for goal!

Weaknesses: Being short and physically small

Heroes: My Dad. Whether or not I play in a match, he will definitely try his very best to be in the grandstand hoping to catch a glimpse of me on the field. He never fails to motivate me and is always giving me plenty of advice. 

I play a bit like: Ryan Giggs? Arjen Robben? Since they are both left footers who love to just run at defenders.

Highlights: Scoring 3 goals in 4 games at the U-21 Vietnam Newspaper Cup in 2013. I even pocketed 100US$ for scoring the first goal of the match against Malaysia in under a minute! 

Lowlights: Tearing both of my ankle ligament on two separate occasions. Now I have to tape both my ankles whenever I train or play in a match.  

Toughest opponent: Qimy (Al-Qaasimy bin Abdul Rahman) from CYL. A strong and fast defender. It's not easy to get past him.  

Best player you've played with: In the past, it would have been Mahmadou Diallo from Hougang United - Not the biggest of strikers, but his close touches, skill and strength were things I admired. Currently, Khairul Amri - One of the best technical players in the team. He knows how to shield the ball very well, a skill which i'm trying to pick up!

Photo: Weixiang Lim

Biggest practical joker: Faiz Rahim from CYL. He talks nonsense all the time.  

Most embarrassing moment: Dropped pasta all over myself in school. People were giggling at me!

Best advice you've been given: "Keep working hard, you will be a national player one day" - Patrick Mancha, a Nigerian coach told me that when I was in Secondary 1. 

Wheels: Chevrolet Orlando

Dream car: BMW X6. Love the layout of the car, especially its high ground clearance and large wheels! 

Hobbies: Playing street soccer or just staying home to play video games.

Flicks: Non-Stop. My all-time best movie for now.  

Phone: iPhone 5. Not a big fan of gadgets though. 

Playstation or XBox? Playstation. I've been playing that since I was young, and never really got to try the XBox before.  

FIFA or Pro Evo? Used to prefer Pro Evo but it has got to be FIFA now because of its graphics and the realism!

Photo: Weixiang Lim

Messi or Ronaldo? This would be hard, but i would go with Messi because of our similarities such as our dominant leg and physique.  

Celebrity crush: Emma Watson. Her short hair is too hot to handle.

Most famous person you've met: No one of note i guess.

I'm currently addicted to... DotA (Defence of the Ancients)! Can't believe I would ever be addicted to it, but I have been playing it every now and then and it's all thanks to my classmates who are hard core gamers!

If I hadn't been a footballer... I've actually never thought of this before. Football has actually made me who I am today as it takes up most of my time. I think I would probably be a normal guy living a normal life. 

Tell us something we don't know about you: I think a lot and I have the wildest and weirdest imagination.   

In five years time I'll be... Done with NS and probably starting a family? Hahahaha.

Photo: Weixiang Lim