The Boy's a Bit Special: Samuel Benjamin

Name: Samuel Benjamin

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Place of Birth: Singapore

Date of Birth: 31 October 1994

Nickname: Sam. I think everyone with the name Samuel gets that nickname!

Positon(s): Midfielder/Striker

As a boy I supported: Manchester United. Most of my cousins supported the Red Devils and I was influenced by them. Peer pressure perhaps.

Teams played for: SAFFC, NFA, Gombak, Young Lions

Strengths: Pace, Dribbling

Weaknesses: I think my heading could be better

Heroes: My beloved Dad. He was the one who thought me how to kick a ball. He sparked the interest in me to aspire and be a successful footballer in the professional setup & to be both a better teammate & also a better & more responsible man. But sadly, he didn't manage to witness my journey to be a professional footballer. It would certainly have been sweeter if he was around to witness the journey that I have made so far. The progress that I have made was all under his advice & guidance.

My Mum is my role model too. Ever since my dad passed away, she has been the man of the house. She's great!

Last but not least, my closest friend Fakhrul Amin who is like a brother to me, constantly encouraging and motivating me. He never fails to instill in me the hope that i can go the distance in football. He has definitely played a very big part in my journey as well. This one's for you bro

I play a bit like: Nani. People who watch me play said I resemble him on the pitch and I do admit I model my game after him

Highlights: When i went to Italy for a training stint. That trip really brought a whole new level of confidence to my game. Training under experienced coaches and also playing football at an European level was simply awesome

Lowlights: When my dad passed on because I'd emphasise all my life how much I would have loved to have him witness what he believed I could achieve years ago. When i got injured playing against Liverpool under 19 in December 2012. I tore my ACL and that affected my MCL too. I couldn't play football for almost a year. Football is that one best thing that happened to me and to have that taken away for me for that long was a lot to handle

Toughest opponent: The late Adrian Dhanaraj . He was the toughest defensive midfielder in the league for me

Best player you've played with: Safuwan Baharudin

Biggest practical joker: My ex-team mate Mustaqim Manzur. Theres always joy on and off the pitch with him around

Most embarrassing moment: In secondary school, it was my turn to present in class and as I was walking up to the front confidently , I tripped and fell. Everyone burst into laughter.That was bad. Hahaha

Best advice you've been given: Back in 2012. My ex team mate Obadin (Gombak captain) told that if I continue to work hard and play the way I play, I will be in the national team and playing overseas in the years to come.

Wheels: None. I have a bicycle though.

Dream car: Volkswagen Sirocco

Hobbies: Cycling

Flicks: X-Men. I have been watching X-Men since childhood and been looking forward to its sequels ever since.

Phone: Samsung Note 3. I love it. I tried using an iPhone though but i just couldn't adapt to it

Playstation or XBox? Playstation. I got it as a gift for passing my PSLE exams and have preferred it ever since.

FIFA or Pro Evo? FIFA

Messi or Ronaldo? Ronaldo

Celebrity crush: Jessica Alba

Most famous person you've met? Nani!

I'm currently addicted to... Playing Fifa Seasons

If I hadn't been a footballer... I would have worked my way to becoming a coach. I can't see myself doing something else besides football

Tell us something we don't know about you: I'm an optimist and I love to laugh. Put me in a room full of quiet people and by the end of the day we'd probably be best friends

In five years time I'll be... A regular starter for the national team and hopefully plying my trade abroad