Fans React: Anger and despair with Singapore's latest loss

On Thursday, Singapore suffered a defeat to Cambodia for the first time since 1972 and the criticism has not stopped since. In the first instalment of a new series, here are some of the comments FourFourTwo picked up from the footballing public ...

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They were a man up for more than 15 minutes, but Singapore still failed to gain a result against Cambodia in Thursday night's surprise 2-1 defeat. That has got the local football community riled up and many have expressed their displeasure via FourFourTwo's Facebook page, including a former player.

Lions lacked desire

Many in particular questioned the desire of the Lions to do well, adding that even if head coach V. Sundramoorthy lacked several regular stalwarts, he still should've had enough quality within the team to grind out a win.

Sundram is the wrong choice of coach

There were some who opposed Sundram's appointment as head coach and they have used the opportunity to blast the former Singapore international. Some have even called for the return of Radojko 'Raddy' Avramović.

Bye bye Suzuki Cup win No.5

Expectations in a Suzuki Cup year are also very low.

Blame the government

When emotions are running high, even the unrelated becomes related.

A former international player has his say

Even former Singapore international Lee Man Hon voiced his dismay over the loss.

What's next?

And suggestions on how to improve...