Fazly Hasan: The former S.League footballer who enjoys the treatment table

​Fazly Hasan went from peeling off his marker on the pitch to peeling off bandages off it. The 29-year-old sat down with FFT to tell his story...

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Once part of the national age-group squads and having played a few seasons in the S.League, Fazly Hasan is no stranger to the strains and aches footballers often suffer.

Fazly's journey to a second calling began at home.

Having made the sucessful transition from player to physiotherapist cum sports trainer, he is able to empathize with the struggles his fellow comrades face.

“I’ve been through the journey as a player, so it’s easier to relate with players sometimes in terms of which particular part in their body are feeling the pain and how to take care of the injuries," the 29-year-old told FourFourTwo.

But, his journey to a second calling began at home.

“My mum and my sister are masseurs, so I saw how they did it and learned a bit,” he revealed. “During my days as a player at Hougang United, I spontaneously did the massage for some of my teammates and they liked it."

So, it was only natural that Fazly ventured into the world of physiotherapy after hanging up his boots.

Fazly (front row, first from right) currently works for Home United. Photo: Bernard lan

“I came up with the idea of doing a mobile massage - with a portable massage bed and some oil.

“I started off with zero customers and Hafiz Rahim was my first. He said: ‘Why not I help you post on Instagram?’ After he posted, people started coming including Baihakki (Khaizan). Bai also helped to post on Instagram and from there, I got massive calls and messages for my services.

Fazly was recommended to Home United in mid-2015.

Fazly enhanced his knowledge and backed up his credentials up by completing a Diploma in Sports and Exercise Sciences at PSB Academy along the way, before was recommended to Home United in mid-2015.

He worked for the Protectors on a freelance basis for one and a half seasons, before taking up a full-time role at the start of this year.

“The workload has never been so stressful,” he quipped. “I have to take care of 40 players and maintain their fitness, from the S.League team to Prime League.

“I also have to liaise with (national team physiotherapist) Kak-Fizah (Nurhafizah Mohd) frequently to monitor the condition of our national team players like Hariss (Harun), Irfan (Fandi) and Hassan (Sunny).

“But it’s fun at the same time. The players are like brothers to me and I’m always there to listen when they want to share their problems."

Fazly (third from left ) with Home United backroom staff. Photo: Ko Po Hui

Fazly's typical day begins at 3.30pm, when he prepares for the team's training.

“A few players would text me if they need massages and I will schedule it for them, before training starts at 5pm. During training, I will monitor and see if any player suffers injuries. I would also prep some ice right after training because usually the players want some ice for treatment for knocks," said Fazly.

Fazly never thought he would be in his current profession at this stage of his life.

“After training, I would do a few massages for players who need them, before my day ends at 8pm.”

While he always wanted a career in football, this was never what Fazly envisioned himself to be doing at this stage of his life.

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