FourFourTwo's Guide to the World Cup is here!

FourFourTwo’s digital World Cup Guide is here and ready for your attention...

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In it, you’ll find answers to all your World Cup questions and many more that you may not even have known needed tackling...

  • How will Brazil cope on home turf?
  • What’s the best that England can hope for?
  • Who are the rising stars who’ll be household names by mid-July?
  • Why does Croatia skipper Dario Srna have a tattoo of a female deer?
  • Which Brazil star is most likely to end the World Cup in a clinch with Madonna?
  • And who’s going to sport the tournament’s bushiest beard?

We’ve also got in-depth guides to all 32 teams, plus the venues, the history, the 10 players to watch and 2014’s football innovations. 

It’s all you need to become a font of all World Cup knowledge/crashing World Cup bore (we can give you facts, folks, but not personality).

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