FourFourTwo's Top 100 Players in the World: Infographic

By now you may well have seen, rated and slated FFT's annual Top 100 Players in the World list - but what does it all mean? We've unearthed the big stories, trends and shifts between this year's effort and our very first back in 2007...

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It was discussed, argued over and been the subject of headlines from Brazil to Poland - but we managed to successfully nail down the world's finest, in order. 

Whether or not you agreed with our selections, the conclusions to be gained from comparing this year's effort with our first list - published in our October 2007 issue - are fascinating.

Which countries hold the power now? Is Spain still ruling the roost? What about our dearly beloved England? We'll give you a clue, though - it's not looking good for Roy's boys this time out. 

We'll shed light on our fastest-growing league, how goalkeepers are getting more recognition and let you in on FFT's specially designed coefficient to track the progress of the biggest movers and shakers.

And, of course, you can see how your club fares. Which sides are tied at the top of the tree with 12 representatives? Which two Premier League sides' presences have been slashed by at least half? Who's gone from zeros (quite literally) to heroes since 2007?

Find it all, and more, below. As usual, you can let us know what you think at #FFT100 - we're sure you'll be nice to us...  

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