Gaming Heroes: 10 highly rated players in Football Manager who flopped in real life

Video games continue to evolve and in some instances resemble real life. Then there are footballers that end up being nothing like their computerised persona. Here are 10 Championship Manager (CM)/Football Manager (FM) players that in reality proved well below par...

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Makshim Tsyhalka

Back when CM was a shiny new game for the world of football, no one knew the name Makshim Tsyhalka.

He was a Belarusian playing with Dinamo Minsk in CM 01/02 and his net worth was only £2 million.

Yet both big and small team managers wanted him because with the right grooming he had potential to become a Lionel Messi-type player.

Due to bugs and limited technology back then, he netted over 100 goals in a season.

In real life: Things were quite the opposite. He hung up his boots at the age of 26 in 2009 due to series of injuries.

Ibrahima Bakayoko

He was a wonder kid of CM 97/98 who made Dennis Bergkamp’s ratings seem tiny. If you played the game during that period of time, you were sure to have come across the name Ibrahima Bakayoko.

A star striker aged 20 (in the game) from Montpellier, he had outstanding ratings in technique, finishing, speed and strength. With the right training he could become a perfect striker, like Thierry Henry and Didier Drogba combined.

In real life: The Evertonians might remember him as the Toffees bought him for £4.5 million from Montpellier. Did the ratings from the game play a part in making the deal happen?

Regardless he made just 23 appearances in England and netted only four goals, earning himself the nickname “Baka-joke-o” from the fans.