Hougang United – The view from the fans

Ernest Lim, a Hougang fan since 2011 and one who has been present at most Cheetahs games over the last five years, believes his team has turned a corner after an abysmal 2015 campaign.

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In an interview with FourFourTwo, Lim was optimistic the club won’t be propping up the 2016 S.League table. After suffering in the stands for much of last season, he is looking forward to more entertaining football from the Cheetahs.

“A lack of fire power last season just made long ball tactics uncomfortable to watch,” he said. “Now that coach K Balagumaran has stated that he wants to drop the long ball tactics in favour of passing football, it will be a relief for us fans.

“Fumiya Kogure looks poised to take on the playmaker role. He will be the second striker to (Jozef) Kaplan. Also Iqbal Hussain scored twice in the recent two friendlies, so it looks pretty promising in the attacking department.”

Asked for his expectations for the season ahead, Lim said: “I think a top-five position is definitely do-able, but it will be hard to challenge for the title because while we have quite a good first team, we are still lacking in depth.

I'd say that we are underdogs, or maybe giant killers. I prefer that tag. I like our club being a wildcard.

“As much as I wish for the Cheetahs to give the bigger clubs a run for their money and maybe surprise everyone as contenders, I'd still say that we are underdogs, or maybe giant killers. I prefer that tag.

“I like our club being a wildcard.”

Having been a fervent supporter of the local game since 2011, Lim is hopeful his fellow Singaporeans will follow his lead and show their commitment to the domestic competition.

“Putting aside what has happened in the last few seasons, the S.League is still our country’s professional football,” he concluded. “As Singaporeans, we have to support it.

“You may not agree with how the administrators run the football business, but you can still support the players by adopting your neighbourhood club.

“Come down to the games and support the team. Befriend the players. Motivate them and cheer for them each week.  That’s how you become a stakeholder of your football club. Not by money, but with your heart and your passion.”

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Photo: Weixiang Lim/FourFourTwo