The Incredible Tale of Aleksandar Duric – a FourFourTwo Films exclusive

Olympian. Refugee. Footballer. Aleksandar Duric’s professional football career has been nothing short of amazing and FourFourTwo have documented how he came to be a Singapore football legend. 

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There are plenty of footballers with amazing stories that captivate the world, but you will be hard pressed to beat Aleksandar Duric’s.
After leaving war-torn Yugoslavia, Duric was a kayaking Olympian before he started his remarkable journey in professional football.

His career would take him many places before finally calling Singapore his home, where he became the first foreign-born player to captain the national team and was part of the last Lions team to win the Suzuki Cup, on this day back in 2012. 

In this film, in addition to Aleksandar telling the story from his perspective, you will find in-depth interviews with many people who have come to know and respect him, including legendary former Singapore coach Radojko "Raddy" Avramović and well-known football writer Neil Humphreys.

The Incredible Story of Aleksandar Duric is the third offering from FourFourTwo Films: a more in-depth, insightful video arm of the football media brand you’ve all known and loved (we hope) since 1994. Dig in...