The joy, the pain, the chest hair: Eleven iconic images of Ryan Giggs, in his own words

Manchester United legend Ryan Giggs tells Neil Billingham about a group of photos which will no doubt have United fans reaching for the Kleenex (behave)...

The Class of 92

That’s obviously a photo of the famous youth team. Eric Harrison got a special award from Carling because all those players had made their first team appearance by then. I had been playing in the first team a few years by then and the others lads came after me.

Eric was a great coach. He was old school, you didn’t mess with him, he was a typical Yorkshireman. You didn’t want to get on the wrong side of him but he was a really good coach.

That was a pretty special youth team and I don’t think anything like that will happen again. I think six of the players went on to get at least 50 international caps each and played for United hundreds of times. It was such a one off.