Jurgen Klopp to the Premier League? What the fans think...

Jurgen Klopp has long been linked with a move to the Premier League – but which clubs' fans would want him in their hot seat? 

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A 'difficult' season with Borussia Dortmund hasn't stopped the Kloppo rumour mill turning. We spoke to fans of the four Premier League clubs that the bearded German has been most strongly linked with to see whether they fancy seeing him in their dugout...

Steven Allweis (Manchester City)

View From A Blue

"It's worth remembering that, for all the disappointment and frequent limp performances of this season, last season under Manuel Pellegrini was a dream. The focus was on attacking, entertaining football and it was some of the most enjoyable play that City fans have ever seen.

"To win the title for the second time in three seasons and play such thrilling football in the process was obviously wonderful, but the regression this time around has been thoroughly deflating. Whereas before he was seen as unflappable and relaxed, Pellegrini is now viewed as stubborn and uninspiring.

"To that extent, Klopp would be an improvement, as he would likely be the type of charismatic manager who could coax greater consistency from City's squad. What he has done in the Champions League in recent seasons has been eye-catching. His team have been fun to watch, had a clear plan and seem to have bought into the manager's vision. It's in stark contrast to City.

"Yet at the same time, if you look at Dortmund's domestic form this season, Klopp has escaped with fairly moderate criticism. Pellegrini has been under fire from all quarters because City are second and haven't improved on last season. If City had flirted with the relegation places, as Klopp did, then Pellegrini wouldn't currently be in a job.

"I'm sure Klopp would be loved in the Premier League. There is an obsession in this country with managers' personalities and Klopp would provide the amusing soundbites and headlines that would go down well.

"I have my doubts as to whether he would be the right fit at City, though. I think we need to look a level above him. Roberto Mancini added professionalism and ruthlessness, and Pellegrini brought harmony, but we're at the stage now where we need a proven winner. And that's not Klopp.

"Would I like to see him in the Premier League? Yes. At City? No. Whether they are attainable or not we don't know, but I would target the likes of Carlo Ancelotti and Pep Guardiola. Manchester City need serial success, not just the flavour of the month."

Fan poll: Who would City fans rather have as manager next season?

Pellegrini: 57%
Klopp: 43%

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"Last season under Pellegrini was a dream"

Gareth Roberts (Liverpool)

The Anfield Wrap

"Purely in terms of CV, you'd have to say Klopp has the edge over Brendan Rodgers – he is older, has more experience and major achievements to his name in terms of league titles.

"But he hasn't had it all his own way this season, and while most people would say Rodgers has made mistakes, he deserves credit for taking Liverpool so close to the title last season and finding a way of winning consistently after a poor start this season.

"Klopp would be a good fit for the Premier League. He's not just a good manager, he's a big personality and that goes a long way in England. Fans want good football but they also want good theatre off the pitch and Klopp would undoubtedly supply that.

"If the job at Anfield was available I don't think many Liverpool fans would object to Klopp. Supporters demand a leader, a man who can fight the corner and say the right things; Klopp is very much that man.

"Whether he is a better fit than Rodgers is arguable, because of who the owners are. FSG want a young manager, a coach who can improve young players, not just pick expensive ready-made stars. They might see Klopp as too big a personality to control.

"I think it's unlikely Rodgers will leave, given Liverpool's turnaround in the second half of the season, but should things dramatically change and Brendan gets his coat, I wouldn't be averse to Klopp being appointed. Appointing a manager like him is a statement of intent – a sign that you intend to disrupt the accepted order. In Liverpool we're bang up for things like that."

Fan poll: Who would Liverpool fans rather have as manager next season?

Rodgers: 77%
Klopp: 23%

Peter Wood (Arsenal)

Le Grove

"Klopp is without doubt a far better manager than Arsene Wenger. I’m not sure he’s achieved more career-wise, but by modern standards, as things stand, I don’t think Wenger can really compete.

"Klopp has a smarter scouting network that operates where the opportunity is, rather than where he knows. He utilises tech in a much more intelligent way. He gives focus to the opposition when setting out tactically and boasts an exciting brand of modern attacking football.

"That said, he shares many of the same flaws. He doesn’t operate with a squad large enough to deal with the rigours of a busy and competitive season. He hasn’t been able to adapt his pressing game now it’s been sussed out. He's also had an injury pile-up the size of a small mountain.

"I think Klopp would be the perfect tonic for the Premier League. He's charismatic, outrageously passionate, and plays a style of football we love to see. He’s nailed on to come over here, and of course he’d do more with the squad Wenger has, but I think most managers in the elite bracket of world football would.

"My major interest would centre around bringing that high intensity game to a league way more intense than the Bundesliga. Brendan Rodgers was able to finish second with that style without Champions League.

"This season he’s had to change tact to the detriment of their game. I think Klopp would have to come to this league with a different vision for domination.

"I wouldn't be keen on him taking over at Arsenal this summer. I mean, given a straight choice, I’d take him over Wenger, but I think he has quite a bit to prove. He’s failing pretty hard at Dortmund this season, even though they’re now climbing the table. For me, if he can prove that he can rebuild Dortmund, then I’d love to have him. But his troubles with injuries, his failure to dig his team out of a hole for most of the season and the complete slump of his side are all warning signs that he may have been a flash in the pan.

"The sign of a great manager isn’t the success, it’s coming back from despair to rebuild for a second coming. I have faith he’ll be able to do it, but I’d rather Arsenal didn’t take a risk on a huge ego in career flux."

Fan poll: Who would Arsenal fans rather have as manager next season?

Wenger: 63%
Klopp: 37%

Sorry Jurgen, but this Arsenal fan doesn't want your relaxed touchline apparel

Scott Patterson (Manchester United)

Republik of Mancunia

"The job Klopp has done with Borussia Dortmund, particularly before this season, is fantastic. To compete with the likes of Bayern Munich, and better them some seasons, is a great achievement, particularly considering they sell their best players year after year.

"But that doesn't put him in that group of elite managers alongside Louis van Gaal, who has created several different title-winning teams in several different leagues, and won plenty of domestic and European trophies along the way. Van Gaal has had blips in his career, and that might be what Klopp is suffering.

"Klopp's personality would probably be appreciated here and it would be interesting to see how he performs with a new club. After great success with Dortmund, it seems to have gone a bit stale there.

"Maybe he can rebuild them next season, or maybe it's time for him to move on. I would be genuinely intrigued to see whether he could take an English side to the Champions League final after a few years.

"I wouldn't want that to be United, though. I want Van Gaal to stay. The job of the United manager this season was to build a new team, in light of the departures of our captain (Vidic), our vice-captain (Evra), our most experienced player (Giggs), another hugely experienced player (Ferdinand), as well as several more.

"The context for making these changes was a team bereft of any confidence, having gone from champions of England to seventh in just one season. It takes time. The football hasn't always been great, but hopefully that will improve when we have defenders who the manager can trust so he doesn't have to play in a way that protects them. Either way, he needs a second season. So it's not just a 'no' for Klopp."

Fan poll: Who would United fans rather have as manager next season?

Van Gaal: 60%
Klopp: 40%