Liridon Krasniqi does not want to say goodbye to Kedah

Kedah FA influential playmaker Liridon Krasniqi gave his faltering team some good news by insisting he wants to stay with the club, despite the side crashing out of the Malaysia Cup group stage last week.

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“My contract ends very soon, but I don’t want it to be the end. We have come too far to go backwards now,” said Krasniqi via his Instagram page.

“We have to be more ambitious than ever and want to go get back to the top, where we belong! It’s been hard to push through this season, playing a lot of games every week with my injury, I did this for you!”

“Now it’s time to heal, recover and plan for the future, wherever that might be. Kedah, I hope this is not goodbye, because family never say goodbye. Family simply say, I will see you soon.”

The 2016 Malaysia Cup champions will want to hang on to their prized asset, whom they missed greatly for almost three months.

Krasniqi’s absence from June meant Kedah lost their chief creative head towards the end of the Malaysia Super League campaign, and the start of the Malaysia Cup.

Due to that, the Red Eagles only managed a sixth place finish in the league, and only garnered one point in their first two Malaysia Cup matches.

Krasniqi is one of the longer serving imports in the Malaysian top flight, and he remains of the team’s biggest asset.

Whatever the case, Kedah will have to brace themselves for plenty of offers for some of their leading players like Krasniqi, Akhyar Rashid and Rizal Ghazali.

Sandro Da Silva could also be subject of interest to other clubs, despite the Brazilian midfielder insisting he wants to stay with the team.

Paulo Rangel is most likely to be offloaded by Kedah after failing to impress.

Last season, Ken Ilso and Zachary Anderson both announced their departure at the same time after the management failed to give them any assurance on their future.

The Kedah management are known to leave things to the last minute, which could unsettle many of their players.

If they want to retain Akhyar, Krasniqi and even Sandro, they have to make a decision and move fast.

Photo Credit: Kedah FA