Nazri Nasir: My Perfect XI

In this month’s ‘Perfect XI’, former Lions hardman Nazri Nasir has gone with an attacking 3-1-4-2 formation, packed full with stars and the best man he believes can anchor the side in the midfield - himself!

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Goalkeeper: Rezal Hassan

Of all the goalkeepers I was teammates with, I was in the same side as Rezal for the longest time. Apart from his height, Rezal had good reflexes too.

On top of that, he had a good understanding of the game and good chemistry with his defenders.

Centre-back: Sead Muratovic

Muratovic was a classy player who was just on a different level. His reading of the game was superb.

Muratovic could have played in any club in the world but for whatever reason, he came to Singapore. He was a ball-playing defender who could easily drive into midfield to open up the game.

Photo: Sead Muratovic

Centre-back: Choketawee Promrut

If Sead is the ball-playing defender, Choketawee will be his no-nonsense counterpart.

'Chok' would do the dirty job and Sead can be the one to spray passes out from the back and start attacks.

Centre-back: Borhan Abu Samah

Borhan was a very hard tackler. He was also very strong and it was the reason why many people call him the ‘Russian tank’!

Not many attackers could get past him easily.

Central defensive midfielder: Nazri Nasir

I am more of a holding midfielder who can win the ball. This team is quite attacking so I can balance it out as the defensive midfielder and help out my defence.

So the team will play in a 3-1-4-2 formation, where the rest of the players in front of me will be very attacking.

Photo: Weixiang Lim/FFT