Quiz! Can you name these 50 football players by their nicknames?

Do you know your Little Peas from your Golden Balls? If so, it’s time to prove it… 

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Rule No.1: we've tried not to use nicknames that are just shortened names. So no Gazza, Wazza, JT, Becks, etc. We’ve also tried to keep it fairly modern to give young whippersnappers a chance. So no Little Bird (Garrincha) or Kings of Old Trafford and Anfield (Denis Law and Kenny Dalglish respectively).

Nonetheless, we’ve come up with 50 glorious nicknames for you to ponder. Some of them, admittedly, aren’t really nicknames in the strict sense of the word - in that we can’t imagine their team-mates saying, “Pass me the ball, The Son of the Wind!” Or, “Do you fancy a pint after training, Non-Flying Dutchman?”

However, it’s all a bit of fun - and quite a challenge. Frankly, we’re impressed by anything above 30. Let us know how you get on @FourFourTwo (we’ll retweet the best, if you don’t give any answers away), then challenge some of your chums too.

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