Ranking Asia's biggest tournaments

With the 2015 Asian Cup almost upon us, John Duerden takes a look at Asia's quartet of other tournaments and asks which is the biggest.

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East Asia - The East Asian Football Federation Cup

Importance in region: 3/10 

Perhaps it is because the likes of South Korea and Japan have bigger World Cup fish to fry that this meet is not seen as a big deal in itself. Of course, these regional rivals - throw China and North Korea into the mix - love nothing more than to beat each other. 

The emotions some of the fixtures generate run high and make them important, although the same cannot be said of the trophy and tournament.

External importance: 6/10 

The stature of the teams ensures that there is a reasonable amount of international attention on the tournament. Matches are reported outside the region, regardless of any controversial aspects.

Quality: 7/10 

Japan and South Korea use this tournament to blood their domestic talent and youngsters and hence do not call up their European-based players for the games. The quality of play is therefore never as high as it can potentially be, but the proficiency of the reserves still makes for good viewing.

Controversy: 7/10 

Rivalries are rife, not only on the football pitch, but especially off it. It's hardly unexpected given you get Japan, both Koreas and China together? The latest edition in 2013 ended in acrimony when political banners and flags were displayed in Seoul at a game between South Korea and Japan.

Total: 23/40