Revealed: Why Swansea fans are the hardest to please in the Premier League

FourFourTwo and Forza Football have surveyed 200,000 fans of Premier League clubs to gauge their confidence in their team's manager, players and chairman/owner. Here, Nick Harper picks through the findings to see how Swansea City fans' mood has changed over the season...

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On account of his lack of managerial experience, and possibly because of his hair, rookie manager Garry ‘Monks’ Monk’s confidence levels were understandably low as we approached the new season: 57% low to be exact, with 71% confidence in his squad. 
Having beaten Manchester United away in the opening game of the season, those figures improved – 60% confidence in the manager, 72% in the squad – hardly a great leap, but clearly Swans fans identified how bad United had become. Or maybe they’re just really very hard to impress.
Fast-forward to right now and confidence in Monk sits at 73%, while that of his squad is 67%. And this for a team sitting fifth in the table. You’d hate to see the numbers if they slide any lower.