Risk Everything: Football battles on the Chao Phraya River

Sometimes you've just got to risk everything, says Zee Ko, as FourFourTwo travel to Thailand to watch the finals of the Formthep Chaophraya tournament...

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The political situation in Thailand was something nobody could have forseen ahead of time, including the organisers who first came up the idea of a football tournament in the country. But it was perhaps apt given Nike's latest slogan, that the competition would ultimately go ahead and succeed beyond their wildest dreams.

It was touch and go till the very last moment, but once the green light was given, FourFourTwo packed our bags and headed off to Krung Thep, known to locals as the 'City of Angels', or as foreigners call it these days - Bangkok.

The flight was uneventful, as we took to the skies for adventures unknown, intrepid football explorers potentially risking life and limb for the cause.


Day 1: The Nike F.C. Party
Day 2: The Formthep Chaophraya Finals