Samba Sunrise: Brazil shellshocked as Germans run riot

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Semi Finals - Brazil 1 (Oscar 89') Germany 7 (Muller 10', Klose 22', Kroos 23', 25', Khedira 28, Schurrle 68', 78')
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Snappy Headlines

"Belo Blitzkrieg" - @victoryinmelb

"Bad luck Brazil and the Ballad of Belo Horizonte" - @scouse_roar

"Ferris Müllers Day Out" - @TomRBlike

"Neymar turns in grave" - @tengkiat

"Kuh Kuh Kuh: Brazil is Orson's Beetle" - @minix8

"It's like watching Germany" - @AlexThano

"Belo-Horizoned" - @GaryKLH

"Dante's Inferno" - @ZeeKo442


Brazil's David Luiz burst into tears during his post-match interview as he apologised for his team's 7-1 drubbing at the hands of Germany. "I just wanted to give a joy to my people, my people, who spends so much (time) suffering. Unfortunately, I could not," he said.

"Sorry everyone, sorry to all Brazilians. Just wanted to see my people smile."

Meanwhile, a stunned Luiz Felipe Scolari took full responsibility for Brazil's "catastrophic" 7-1 World Cup semi-final hammering. "Who is responsible for this result? I am, it's me. The blame for this catastrophic result can be shared between us all, but the person who decided the line-up, the tactics was me," he said.

"It was my choice. We tried to do what we could, we did our best – but we came up against a great German team."