Singapore, Barcelona and perfecting a football-social life balance

More often than not, Urban Street Team are invited to football-related events and will enthrall the crowd with their tricks. FFT caught up with one their members, Terence Ong, for a quick chat...

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When you think football, which team and brand do you first think of and why?

Barcelona and adidas. I like Barcelona’s playing style. I have always been a big fan of adidas.

When someone says Singapore football, what comes to mind?

I think of how Singapore as a country still trying to develop in the football scene.

Which football team do you support and why?

I wouldn’t use the word support but rather, “fancy” – the two would be Barcelona and Sporting Lisbon, I really like their playing style.

What are your expectations of your favourite team this season and is the coach the right manager?

I don’t really have many expectations – but I would say I’m really keen to see who would be the next addition to the different teams.

Which set of opposing fans do you hate the most?

None to be named in particular, but essentially football hooligans in general! I feel like they really spoil the good nature of the sport.

What is your preferred adidas football/futsal footwear choice and which line of shoes?

For football - Adidas Mania!! Futsal and freestyle – The Originals Gazelles range, always!

How does football fit into your busy life?

Football is part of my life – although I would say it's sometimes hard to fit in a social life too. The key I find is making sure that balance is a priority.

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Photos: adidas