Sport SG deny claims they are deliberately withholding funds from FAS

Sport Singapore (SG) have refuted recent reports that they are withholding funds from the Football Association of Singapore (FAS) on purpose. 

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The FAS have been relying on their reserves in recent months to sustain operations as their funding from Sport Singapore has not been released.

Sport SG chief executive Lim Teck Yin however insisted that this was only because they previously required the FAS to form their council and then submit a proposal to justify the funds they were allocated.

Once the FAS’s plans and requests are submitted, we will examine them and fund it accordingly

- Lim Teck Yin

“That we have not yet extended the funds, that we are withholding funds — that’s the wrong label to use,” Lim said.

“Fundamentally in our funding construct, we extend funding on the basis of plans that are submitted, and requests that are submitted. Once the FAS’s plans and requests are submitted, we will examine them and fund it accordingly.

“So it’s not a situation where they have requested for funding and we have then said no, we are going to hold that (funding) back, no that’s not the situation.

"We are discussing what their future plans are and you know that the council has only been very recently installed."

Lim further added Sport SG and FAS are in deep discussions to resume funding to the football organisation, and that funding for the S.League has long been released.

“Yes (there’s a deadline for FAS to meet) but there is no rush, they are not running into a cash flow situation, I think we are comfortable with the pace (of discussions),” he said.

Lim Kia Tong hopes to receive the funds as soon as possible. Photo: FAS

While FAS president Lim Kia Tong confirmed Lim Teck Ying’s account, he asserted it was imperative they received funding sooner rather than later.

“Of course if funding is to be released subject to the fulfillment of certain requirements, then obviously FAS will be working closely with Sport SG to ensure that fundings are released on time,” Lim Kia Tong said.

“Currently we are using our reserves, so we will hope to see the funding come into our account so that we don’t dip too much and for too long into our reserves.

“Of course for funding, it is urgently needed in many areas. We have so many teams training and in every team there is a lot of ramification in terms of of funding (being withheld).

“We have payments to coaches, payments to pitches, payments to referees. So I am sure with our precise working with Sport SG, we can resolve this issue as soon as possible.”

Main Photo: Sport Singapore