Dennis Bergamp
2 November 2018
From rapping Americans to trumpet-playing Peruvians, we rate the greatest overseas imports to pull on a shirt for the 20 current Premier League sides
Joe Gomez
31 October 2018
Enough time has passed to draw some conclusions from the season so far – so allow Daniel Storey to rate the finest performers in the top flight
Nemanja Vidic
27 October 2018
England's top flight has provided a home to many top-class stoppers since 1992. Nick Miller selects the pick of the bunch...
Premier League biggest club
26 October 2018
It’s time to finally sort the big kahunas from the small fries, as we apply science to separate the current Premier League sides by size
Dennis Wise, Callum Davidson
26 October 2018
Sunderland have already had to bin off two players for bad behaviour in 2018/19 – just like these clubs were forced to...
Tony Watt Barcelona
25 October 2018
There’s no better platform to shine on at club level, but these players’ exploits in Europe were all too brief...  
24 October 2018
Mesut Ozil was at his mercurial best against Leicester on Monday, pulling off a sublime dummy which helped create Arsenal's third goal. Gary Parkinson harks back at more fine goals created by players who didn't touch the ball...
Chelsea Liverpool 2005
24 October 2018
Alasdair Mackenzie guides you through the contenders, from domestically dominant powerhouses to cup final bottlers
Kylian Mbappe Man City Monaco
23 October 2018
These teenagers all netted goals in Europe’s top club competition post-1992, but while some reached the very top, others have sunk without trace. Warning: contains plenty of Arsenal
David Seaman Arsenal
20 October 2018
Nick Miller picks out the best shot-stoppers to have graced England's top flight since 1992
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