Top 10 S.League foreign signings in 2015

There may not be any more ‘marquee’ players, but Kenneth Tan believes there are still plenty of exciting arrivals to look forward to in the upcoming campaign.

The marquee player system has been abolished but S.League fans should not lose too much sleep. For every successful Goran Ljubojevic, Roy O’Donovan and Monsef Zerka, there are flops like Miljan Mrdakovic, Martin Wagner and Kazuyuki Toda.

Import stars Rodrigo Tosi, Geison Moura and Nicolas Velez proved that it is not necessary to break the bank to bring in quality foreigners last season. While only Velez remains amongst the trio, there are plenty of quality foreigners coming in to bolster the S.League.

Here are the ten new arrivals who we think could light up the league this term…

Main Photo: Football Association of Singapore