The weird and wonderful world of Ronaldinho

On the pitch and off it, Ronaldinho has given us some truly memorable moments. James Dampney rounds up five of the best ahead of the legend's visit to Singapore...

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Brazilian superstar Ronaldinho will be on Singapore shores this week to launch a football academy with Tampines Rovers and also promote an electronic scooter. Naturally. So ahead of his trip, FourFourTwo compiled some of the more notable incidents from his never-a-dull-moment career.

1. The original YouTube sensation?

YouTube was launched on April 23, 2005 with its first ever video, the 19 second clip of a guy at a zoo in front of two elephants. Scintillating stuff. Among the other early entries was a guy falling off his snowboard, some drunken shenanigans, people queuing at an Apple store and a couple of pandas wrestling at San Diego Zoo. Seriously, what did we do before YouTube?

Anyway, none of those startling moments of online cinematic history were able to achieve what Ronaldinho did, starring in the first YouTube clip to attract one million views. This, in our opinion at least, was more than worthy. As part of a Nike campaign ahead of the 2006 World Cup, the Brazilian dons a new pair of white boots, hand delivered to him in a gold suitcase. He then proceeds to hit the ball repeatedly off the cross bar. Most thought it was doctored, he insists it wasn’t, and we’ve no reason not to believe him.

Either way, history was made.