Zlatan, Jose, Pogba and Scholes – Sheringham gives us his take

Ahead of his appearance in this year's Battle of Europe in Singapore, Teddy Sheringham tells FourFourTwo who Zlatan Ibrahimovic reminds him of, his thoughts on Paul Pogba, plus the only acceptable outcome for Manchester United in the 2016/17 EPL season...

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1. Teddy thank you for your time. Firstly what were your initial thoughts when Jose Mourinho was appointed manager of Manchester United?

Unfortunately, (Pogba) hasn’t hit the ground running. But he has it in him to become a top player

I was happy to hear Jose was in charge. He’s clearly a top manager and he has lots of fresh ideas.

2. Considering his track record of successful, but generally fairly short stints in charge at his previous clubs, can you see him as a long-term solution for United?

Probably not to be honest, simply because he never stays anywhere too long. However, Manchester United is the place to be – he may end up staying longer than he usually does!

3. Did you support the club’s long pursuit of Paul Pogba? What do you think he adds to the team?

Unfortunately, he hasn’t hit the ground running. He hasn’t shone yet, but he clearly he has it in him to become a top player. A year under Jose will develop his game massively.

It's been a slow start, but Teddy is confident Pogba will be a hit

I have no doubt he will come good and be a top Premier League midfielder for years to come

4. What about the rest of the club’s work in the transfer window prior to the new season?

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is a fantastic signing. He really is a top player and a winner through and through. He has the stature and will rub off on some of the youngsters.

It’s very similar to when United signed Eric Cantona – it gave the whole football club a big lift!

I’m also impressed with Eric Bailly – he seems very mature and has a big future ahead of him.

5. What do you make of the current squad overall, including the young talent?

I absolutely love Marcus Rashford. He has everything you need to become a world class centre-forward.

He knows where the goal is and scores all types of goals. He also seems an intelligent player and he has the world at his feet.

Sheringham compares Zlatan to a legendary United figure...

6. What do you think the club should be targeting as a goal in the Premier League this season – i.e. the title, top four etc?

It has to be the title – you always target the title when you play for Manchester United!

(The target) has to be the title – you always target the title when you play for Manchester United

7. Do you view the Europa League as an unwanted distraction or another piece of silverware the club should chase and take seriously?

Usually I would say it’s an unwanted distraction for a club like United, however at the moment, where the club is, it could be a positive.

They need to learn to play together and win games regularly. European experience could be good for this side and hopefully they will be back in the Champions League next year.

8. What would you consider a successful season overall at Old Trafford in 2016/17?

The title

Scholes is a "little genius", according to Sheringham

9. Do you get to visit Old Trafford much these days and how do you reflect on playing there during your career?

I don’t get to visit as much as I would like. I haven’t been back for a game in a long time now.

But I reflect very fondly on my time there. Winning the EPL title and the Champions League were the highlights of my career

10. How much are you looking forward to getting the boots back on and taking part in the Battle of Europe in Singapore? Have you spent much time in Singapore previously?

I’m really looking forward to the game and to catching up with some old friends – I always have a good time when travelling with Masters Football!

I love Singapore. I’ve been there a couple of times and it’s a beautiful place with a huge passion for European football.

11. Finally, how are you feeling about lining up alongside your former teammate Paul Scholes and what will he bring to the match?

He’s quite simply one of the best players I ever had the pleasure of playing with.

He really is a little genius and has the best reading of the game I’ve ever seen.

You only have to see what all the ex pros say about him to see how highly he is thought of across the game.

OK Teddy, thanks again and we can't wait to see you in Singapore next month!

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