4 April 2017
At the present time, Southeast Asian football is lagging far behind other regions in terms of the FIFA world rankings. But that wasn’t always the case…
Lionel Messi
1 April 2017
"The ratios of powers shifted a long time ago, and now the game is here, stuck at a point where any retaliation against player behaviour seems unorthodox and wrong" But how did it come to this? 
15 February 2017
Football in Laos is on the verge of complete disintegration, headlined by 15 current or former players being banned for life on Wednesday over their role in match-fixing.
1 February 2017
US President Donald Trump has wasted little time implementing some of his more controversial election promises, including a travel ban aimed at certain Muslim countries. How could it impact Asian football? Scott McIntyre explores the issues...
1 February 2017
The decision to expand the FIFA World Cup to 48 teams was met with derision in many quarters, but for countries like Indonesia it has given them fresh reason to dream of one day performing on the game's grandest stage...
25 January 2017
In part one of a new series, FourFourTwo senior correspondent Scott McIntyre has gone back through football's sordid past to unearth some of the stories that continue to leave scars on the world game...
20 January 2017
Some of the biggest names in world football are now either playing in China or being linked with the country's cashed-up Super League. But what impact could the competition's new rules have on the foreign invasion?
11 January 2017
Singaporeans are not fickle to demand household names, they just want the odd magical moment from a genuine star, like every other football fan, argues Neil Humphreys  
11 January 2017
Many have reacted with contempt and ridicule at FIFA's decision to expand the World Cup from 32 to 48 nations. But, as Scott McIntyre argues, it is a triumph for the sport from a global perspective and offers hope to Asia and particularly Southeast Asia...
11 January 2017
The subantarctic island is now eyeing 2026 glory, Back of the Net can reveal


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