9 April 2018
Singapore head coach V Sundramoorthy has stepped down, the Football Association of Singapore announced on Monday.
21 March 2018
The Football Association of Singapore (FAS) officially relaunched the national competition on Wednesday under the new name the Singapore Premier League.
28 February 2018
The Football Association of Singapore (FAS) and Singapore Sports Hub signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on Wednesday as part of an initiative for the National Stadium to become the "Home of the Lions".
1 December 2017
Football Association of Singapore (FAS) general secretary Winston Lee has resigned and will leave the FAS effective December 31, 2017, it was announced in a press release on Friday.
22 June 2017
The Asian Football Confederation (AFC) is intent on helping revive the fortunes of Singapore’s flagging S.League, while the governing body is also satisfied the country’s recent elections were conducted appropriately.
3 May 2017
Most people know about Zainudin Nordin's time in charge, but did you know Australian teams once played in a Singaporean League or that blueprints were made for the Lions' participation in a World Cup? In the wake of Lim Kia Tong’s victory in the inaugural FAS elections, we look back at how some ex-presidents did in the job…
2 May 2017
Warriors FC’s unbeaten start to the 2017 S.League campaign came to an end, while Hougang United returned to winning ways and the FAS elections mercifully came to an end. Once again Deepanraj Ganesan picks out the Good and the Bad...
2 May 2017
A national sport cannot be called one without a half-decent national league. The new FAS Council’s priority must be to save the S.League. All other concerns are secondary, argues Neil Humphreys.
30 April 2017
For all the mudslinging in the build-up to Election Day, it was a much more straightforward process on the day itself as our writer Matthew Mohan would testify... 
29 April 2017
Lim Kia Tong will be the new president of the Football Association of Singapore (FAS) after his team won Saturday's historic election.


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