9 October 2017
The Lions' lack of progress under Bernd Stange was criticised and now fans wonder if Sundram’s days are numbered. But realistically, no coach could fix Singapore’s systemic failings, argues Neil Humphreys... 
2 May 2017
A national sport cannot be called one without a half-decent national league. The new FAS Council’s priority must be to save the S.League. All other concerns are secondary, argues Neil Humphreys.
14 March 2017
V. Sundramoorthy will have a chance to put a firm stamp on the Singapore national team after his contract was extended for a further two years by the Football Association of Singapore (FAS).
12 March 2017
The Football Association of Singapore (FAS) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with ActiveSG in a bid to boost youth football development in Singapore. 
23 February 2017
While the likes of Thailand, Australia, Vietnam and Malaysia all had multiple entrants on our inaugural 20 Under-20 list, Singapore only had one. Scott McIntyre takes a closer look at a youth system that appears to be failing...
6 October 2016
The Singapore legend will sign with the FAS on a long-term deal as a head coach of youth, but will that conflict with Richard Tardy’s youth teams head coach role? FFT takes a look… 
28 June 2016
Just as Leicester City's success in winning the English Premier League title was a double-edged sword for all other coaches in England and around the world, so are Iceland's exploits at the 2016 European Championships, as John Duerden reports...
1 June 2016
One year on, FAS technical director presents his blueprint, but the upbeat Belgian won’t achieve anything without a mindset shift, argues Neil Humphreys...
1 June 2016
Singapore have always aspired to rival Thailand but maybe they are aiming a tad too far at this point in time, argues John Duerden... 
1 June 2016
Michel Sablon shared with FourFourTwo his belief that one of Singapore's traditionally strongest department will be a weakness in the years to come...  


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