Conte's wife tells him to grow a beard – Conte grows a beard

Playing the role of dutiful husband, Chelsea manager Antonio Conte is trying out a beard at the request of his wife.

Antonio Conte was sporting some facial furniture at Friday's pre-match news conference, causing a stir among the reporters in attendance.

It became one of the key talking points and Conte, usually sporting a clean-shaven look, explained his motivation for making his razor redundant.

The Chelsea boss, it transpires, is a dutiful husband, with his attempt to grow a beard coming at the request of his wife.

"I don't know if my looks are good. My wife suggested that I tried it for once, to try with a beard," said Conte ahead of this weekend's Premier League match against West Brom.

Asked if his hirsute appearance was down to superstition, the former Italy boss at first denied that was the cause, but said he hoped to end the season with a mighty beard if he did opt to keep it for as long as Chelsea were winning.

"No, but this is the first time. We can see tomorrow if this beard brings luck or not," he added.

"But I repeat, this is the first time I've tried to change my look, but only because my wife decided.

"I hope at the end of the season to finish with a big beard."