Dunga apologises after racist gaffe

A day out from Brazil's biggest fixture since the World Cup, Dunga has been forced to apologise for making racist remarks.

Brazil coach Dunga has been forced to apologise after racist remarks at a Copa America news conference.

Ahead of his side's quarter-final against Paraguay in Concepcion on Saturday, Dunga was addressing his critics when he was quoted as saying: "We were bad but lucky in some games and in others we were good but with bad luck. 

"The team went 40 years without a Copa America and 24 years without the World Cup.

"I guess I'm of African descent because everyone likes to hit me, and how much I like to be hit. 

"These guys look out for me and say, 'Let's hit that guy over there', and then they start to hit me. Without caring, without anything."

His crass comparison caused a backlash on social media, and the 51-year-old apologised via a statement on the Brazilian Football Confederation's website.

"I apologise to everyone who might feel offended by my statement about people of African descent," a translation of Dunga's response read.

"The way I expressed it does not reflect my feelings and opinions."