Fans disappointed by SOS Cup cancellation

The 14th edition of the Sultan of Selangor’s (SOS) Cup was called off due to haze on Saturday night, leaving approximately 1,200 travelling Singapore fans disappointed. 

30 buses of Singapore fans left Singapore 7.30am on Saturday morning, hoping to watch their heroes in action only to be left disappointed by the unfortunate cancellation.

The following announcement was posted on the official Facebook page of the SOS Cup: “The Sultan of Selangor's Cup 2015 scheduled for tonight at Stadium Shah Alam has been cancelled due to the unhealthy reading of the haze.

Chairman Tan Sri Dato Abd Karim Munisar said HRH Tuanku is concern for the health of the players, the school children & the fans. On that consideration the game is cancelled, the next year's game will be held in Selangor instead of Singapore as scheduled.”

The news naturally left the 1,200-strong travelling party who had travelled up to Shah Alam for the match disappointed.

“I’m disappointed because I brought my parents down to watch the Veterans play,” said 50-year-old Amir Ridzuan, who is a member of the Singapore Die-Hard fans group.

“I understand that it cannot be helped due to the haze but I was looking forward to see my favorite players like Fandi Ahmad and V Sundramoorthy play.

“Nonetheless, win, lose, draw or cancel, we will be here again to watch our heroes.”

“Of course we’re all very sad,” echoed 24-year-old Nashrudin Daud, part of the Ultra Eagles fan group who supports S.League club Geylang International.

“We woke up 6 in the morning just for this only to find out of the cancellation when we reached the stadium. It’s disheartening but surely I’ll be back for this next year again.”

Nonetheless players of the Singapore Selection and Veterans made the trip down to Shah Alam Stadium for a short meet-and-greet session with the fans.

“We were all looking forward to play this prestigious match," said Singapore Selection defender Madhu Mohana. “But we have to respect the organisation and safely is always the first priority.

“It’s a sad thing that it has to be cancelled but these are things that we cannot control. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the fans for making their way all the way here to support us.

Photo: Ismail Sulaiman/Football Association of Singapore